What Flower Are You?

What if I told you that your "favorite flower" could tell you about yourself on all levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritually? It could tell you about your personality, your characteristics, how you thought, how you learn, whether you were an introvert or an extrovert, what your family was like and how they influenced you? You would probably say: "Impossible!"

Well, not really. Eileen Nauman, a homeopath in Arizona, has spent ten years learning to comprehend and understand how our favorite flower, shrub or tree, is a MIRROR image of ourselves. Only, the mirror image is from Mother Nature to us. Eileen has 'broken the code' on how plant anatomy interpolates into human experience! We know that plants talk--but Eileen not only discovered their language, but also found out how to interpret it and translate it into human understanding for our use! This, in itself, is a major breakthrough! More importantly, it can help YOU--directly.

Even Science knows that everything is interrelated. Eileen, coming from an Eastern Cherokee metis family, knows this more than most. What and who we are--or can become, is also mirrored back to us from Nature. It's all around us but most people have never been taught to see it.

Did you know that your favorite flower tell you about yourself: past, present and future, as an evolving person? Yes, it does. Not only that, your favorite flower can help increase and underwrite better health for you. How? It goes back to an old homeopathic law: "Like cures like." What you LOVE can HEAL you. Your favorite flower of is your mirror. And what it is; you are, too. And vice-versa.

What Flower Are You? Report

What Flower Are You? is the name of Eileen's plant interpretation endeavors. The Flower Reports are approximately 35 to 40 pages in length, depending upon the type of flower and color chosen. These reports can be used by you forever--there is information contained in them which shows your potentials for positive growth in the future. This is a report you will come back and read, and reread. Each time you do, something new will be shown to you that you didn't see before.

Each report comes in 8 1/2" x 11" size, with white plastic spiral binding and a plastic cover on the front which is utilized in order to protect the beautiful color photo. We use heavy card stock for the front and back of the report. This makes the report easy to open and spread out to read. Your name will be put on the front of the report, too!

Flower Essences

The flower essence is an appropriate companion to the What Flower Are You? report. It is a secondary but equally important step in your improved health. The use of the flower essence is not required.

If after reading your chosen report, you feel it describes you at least 60% of the time the flower essence WILL help you. The more accurate the report, the more the essence will support you. Like cures like.


All Written Contents Copyright 2008 Eileen Nauman